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    Hello everyone,

    I've posted a lot on but I thought I would also post here for some other opinions. I have ccd-trv93, some sony 8mm tapes, a datavideo tbc-1000, and a hauppauge usb live 2. I also have an easycap 116 but I was getting strange noise/interference when hooked up with tbc-1000. I thought it was the tbc at fault until I tried the hauppauge and sure enough the interference was gone. It looked like snow on a black screen. With the hauppauge I see a pure black screen. I bought the easycap from easycapexpertii since I didn't want to go to the hassle of converting GBP to USD on Regardless I'll be returning the easycap. I also bought an avt-8710 but I didn't like the build quality and the buttons, that and the lack of any bars to show if my proc amp settings are working, I'm going to return that also. I like build quality of the tbc-1000, very sturdy. I've left the capturing proc amp settings on their default for the usb live 2, which is sharpness 50 out of 100 and everything else at 49xx since the max is 98xx. Either way it's close to 5000. I thought I could always tinker with those settings after capture since I mainly want to capture these videos and get this over with. Way too much of a hassle.

    So I was looking at capture cards and was wondering if I should keep the hauppauge. It's working great, no noise that I can see, at least not something that's already in the tape, but what if there's something better. I was thinking of the ati usb products like the 600, 650 or the 750, anyone have any ideas on how those are in comparison to the usb live 2? I plan to capture losslessly with amarectv and the utvideo codec at 422 colorspace. Eventually I'll convert these to mpegs/vobs for dvd watching but not yet. So let's hear some opinions.

    Also here's the digitalfaq link to get everyone up to speed:

    PS: I've been checking out these forums looking at posts and every once in a while I see a person named sanlyn. Well everytime I see this person's posts the characters "-30-" appear. It's really strange; I thought I would ask what's up with that. On occasion I would see this person's posts but most of the time I see that weird 30 thing. Thought I would mention it.
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    Why don't you just listen to Volksjager who tells us we're full of it? (Although that was before my post. )

    This is 2014, not 2004 or 1997. Such "super VCRs" are either old and problematic, or WAY overpriced if still working. And they only produce quality that is easily bested by today's post processing resources anyway on output from a "regular" (4-head, working, HiFi) VCR.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate LordSmurf's hard work on that Buyer's Guide originally posted in DigitalFAQ, which is/was valid, but it was written about a decade ago, already after such tech STOPPED being made THEN. We're talking about tech that is prone to all sorts of problems and variables, dust, humidity, etc - such as even the weather itself, or even if sitting quietly in a warehouse for years.

    Go ahead then. Buy one. But buy one with a grain of salt. (Kind of like that saying about gambling in a casino - budget what you're going to risk, and deduct it as a loss - before you begin, just to be safe.)

    As for the USB-Live2, it's a good product, very reliable and solid. However, I find it's a bit smooth, even if you turn the sharpness to full hilt, it still softens video. I prefer the ATI 600 USB or the myself (the real one, not any of the fakes).

    However, if the USB-Live2 works with your setup, then feel free to proceed with it. I'm thinking the interference you're experience is something wrong in your settings for (you did buy the real one didn't you?).

    As for the TBC 1000, yes, much more sturdier and more rock solid than the plastic toy feeling of the 8710. However, I find that too over-smooths video. When I would use the TBC 1000, such as with my JVC unit, it would come out all soft with less detail. The 8710 is not nearly as guilty of that.

    As for good ol' Sanlyn, we'll miss him since he signed out pretty much acrimoniously. This "-30-" is a traditional writer's notation to signify the end of a manuscript, report, etc. (Kind of synonymous with "The End", but it depends on context.)
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    I hate VHS. I always did.
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  3. Use a digital 8 camera or deck and play out directly from that as DV. Fewer pieces, fewer wires, less expensive and built-in TBC.
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