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    Okay, the latest Xvid is definitely bloatware , and to make thing worse, it uses the Bitrock InstallBuilder , for which there is no unpacker available Therefore, I downloaded the source-code, modified it, and compiled only the VfW codec, plus the CLI program xvidencraw.


    xvidencraw.exe --- with MAX_ZONES = 1024
    xvidvfw.dll --- with MAX_ZONES = 4096

    Have fun
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  2. What bloat did you "remove"?
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    Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    What bloat did you "remove"?
    Except for the DirectShow decoder, I have no idea

    As I said, I was unable to unpack their most recent installer
    (namely InstallBuilder, which I had never heard of until yesterday ).
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  4. Hi guys
    I'm trying to run this latest version of xvid encraw on windows 7 ultimate but it doesn't work.
    The script I'm using is an ordinary one:
    DGDecode_mpeg2source("D:\Dreambox\movie\cuttermaran\20131112_-_TOP_GEAR_cut.d2v", cpu=4)
    crop(0, 0, 0, -2)
    Spline36Resize(624,352) # Spline36 (Neutral)
    My command line is this one:
    "C:\Users\kalehrl\Desktop\xvidvfw_1.3.3_\xvid_encraw.exe" -i "D:\Dreambox\movie\cuttermaran\20131112_-_TOP_GEAR_cut.avs" -single -cq 3.0 -max_key_interval 240 -nopacked -bvhq -par 1 -avi "D:\Dreambox\movie\cuttermaran\20131112_-_TOP_GEAR_cut.avi" -masking 2 -metric 1
    This is the output I get:
    C:\Users\kalehrl>"C:\Users\kalehrl\Desktop\xvidvfw_1.3.3_\xvid_encraw.exe" -i "D
    :\Dreambox\movie\cuttermaran\20131112_-_TOP_GEAR_cut.avs" -single -cq 3.0 -max_k
    ey_interval 240 -nopacked -bvhq -par 1 -avi "D:\Dreambox\movie\cuttermaran\20131
    112_-_TOP_GEAR_cut.avi" -masking 2 -metric 1
    xvidencraw  - raw mpeg4 bitstream encoder written by Christoph Lampert
    Trying to retrieve width and height from input header
    xvidcore build version: xvid-1.3.3
    Bitstream version: 1.3.3
    Detected CPU flags: ASM MMX MMXEXT SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE41 TSC
    Detected 2 cpus, using 2 threads.
        1: key=0, time=     10, len=   18482 | type=I, quant=  3, len=   17723
        2: key=0, time=     10, len=   19075 | type=P, quant=  3, len=   18482
        4: key=0, time=     20, len=   23643 | type=P, quant=  3, len=   19075
    And windows reports 'xvid_encraw has stopped working.'
    Any help is appreciated.
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