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  1. Hi
    I am new here was wondering if a guy had more money than brains and wanted a Cannon XF 100 what kind of computer could he get away with for storage with a decent video editing.

    Also is it possible to have something that will work good on a laptop? if so any recommendations and cost estimates?

    Also would like to hear any thoughts on the XF 100 sorry if this has been asked before.

    I am shooting in Alaska and thought it might be a good camera for outdoors and nature shooting.

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  2. About the laptop question....The pros like desktops for video editing. I use a laptop and it does just fine for me. AVCHD editing from Sony cameras work good. Just get the largest screen you can afford if you decide on laptop. When editing videos there is a lot going on in the software and you need lots of real estate to see it. Don't know anything about the Cannon XF 100. You might look for reviews on the web.

    I have shot many hours of vids in Alaska. Beautiful state.
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    Get a camera with 1080p60 recording, or you will regret later.

    You're gonna need to learn how to "proxy edit", and not expect the computer to do all the grunt work.

    That camera is a bit dated, and if you end up not liking it there's no resale value.

    Canon is a reliable brand, so you get what's listed on the specs. Some of the other jonny-come-lately "Camera Makers" tend to overstate their features. Canon makes "Imaging Devices", not TV's. The TV makers jumped into the camera market when it became popular. Canon makes cameras way back before TV, hahaha, well almost.

    You might look at the XA20/25 model too.
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  4. Thank you both for the great advice I have more homework to do
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    Originally Posted by yukonjeff View Post
    Also is it possible to have something that will work good on a laptop? if so any recommendations and cost estimates?
    Avoid using a laughtop to edit video. Why that is, I have said as much in previous posts. Click on the magnifying glass, peruse them, and be enlightened.
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