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    I Would like to know if there is any software i can use that download DRM files while the media is playing on the webpage... to remove the DRM Protection

    I tried with Flash Stream Hunter and it didn't work, the file still had the DRM, then i Tried with WM Converter, didn't work either. is there any other software i can use that will actually remove this thing and keep the original file size?

    I do have have the key (login and password), so i can play the video on a web browser, but I want to download it without the DRM protection so i can watch it whenever I want, I thought that Flash Stream Hunter could work, but it didn't, it didn't removed the DRM protection

    if there's no way to make it happen with a stream catcher, how can i burn the image of the file into a DVD and import it again to my PC? If i do this, is it going to remove the DRM? Is the file going to be just like the original? same size? same quality

    Can you guys help me with this? please?
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    You could try screen capture program.
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