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    Hey guys, i'm having a speed problem with WM Recorder and I have no idea what's is happening (think it may be a setting issue)

    Every single video file that i download using WM Recorder 14 takes 10x the time i took to download others files using Internet Download Manager, for example.

    I'm Recording HTTP files, Not rtmp files.
    I need to use WM Recorder because it is the only way i can get this files. It is .WMV FILES that WMR can record once i play it on my browser, works like magic, but it's WAY TO SLOW!

    the Rate while it is catching the files is way too low. Under the RATE tab the value is always like something between 800kbps - 1000bkps... so i can see that the DOWNLOAD SPEED of the file is like 50kbps using WM Recorder, but when i'm using IDM, for example, my download speed is more than 500kbps

    I don't know if the Rate values has something to do with the slowness to download this files. so i need your help.

    My Settings are:
    I'm recording in ADA mode (it is the recommended and i think is the only mode that works), using a Microsoft Adapter and "auto recording" and "match IP" is also selected
    Also under the "Windows Media Options" the option "Check All WMP protocols" and "Send Player ID" are also selected.
    I would like to know why the recording process is taking SOOOO long

    sorry for any grammar mistakes, i'm from Brazil and English is not my "first language".
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