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  1. Hey
    I don't know what I've done, but I must have hit something accidentally because whenever I drag a potplayer video window outwards to make it bigger, the aspect ratio is "contained" within a larger box with black borders.
    It used to just automatically "snap to" the size I wanted while retaining the AR - so there'd be no borders at all.

    I liked it like that and I want it back

    Can anyone help me out. I've gone through all the settings I can think of and looked on here using the search function but it's difficult to describe succinctly so I thought I'd just ask ...
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  2. Bad idea, but:
    Aspect Ratio -> Fit to Window
    Aspect Ratio -> Free
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  3. Not quite mate, but you did inadvertently send me to the right part of the menu system.
    Instead of it being "Free" or "Fit to Window" it's actually "Fit to Video".

    Problem solved

    Thanks !
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  4. Sorry. I misunderstood what you were asking for. I thought you wanted the video to fit the window no matter what size you made it.
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  5. No mate
    Other way around !
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