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  1. Hi, currently I take screencaps by using avisynth+ffmpegsource2 to load up videos into virtualdub, where I browse through them frame by frame and capture directly from the source.

    This is fine with 720p+ videos, but with lower res older videos I'd personally prefer to have upscaling involved to keep the image resolution more uniform

    Is there's any way to send the output that I get from my mpc-hc player setup that has madvr doing 3-tap jinc plus anti-ringing to virtualdub, or otherwise get a result like that?

    I'm aware I can get screenshots from mpc-hc itself, but it's the precision of being able to browse through the video to get the exact frames I like, that I can't do in mpc.

    Thank you!
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  2. Since you're already using avisynth, why not specify the jinc resizer there?

    (But I guess the anti-ringing hasn't been implemented yet)

    MPCHC can frame advance using the arrow key
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  3. Print screen in MPCHC. Paste into image editor. Save.
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