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  1. Sometimes I get these corrupt flv video files from the internet.
    Link to file (5mb):
    This file plays fine in VLC, but I can't seem to edit the video file or convert the video to avi (necessary if I want to play on DVD player via usb memory stick). I normally use Total Video Converter to convert to avi. If I try to use Total Video converter on the corrupt file, the resulting file has bad audio that sounds like chipmunks and is sputtering.
    Link to this avi file that has bad audio (8mb):
    To solve this problem, I use FLV Extract with extra added msvcr100.dll.
    Link to FLV Extract with added dll (5mb):
    1) To use FLV Extract, extract all the files to a folder and then double click on FLVExtract.exe
    2)Then set the settings as in the screenshot (tick video, audio, To MP4,Remove temp files)
    3)Then drag the corrupted video file to the area with the red circle (drop folders or files here).
    4)Click start
    This will make a new file (MP4) which I can edit or convert to avi using Total Video Converter.
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    Many (most?) times FLV can be corrected for the problems of playing wrong, not starting, stopping, unable to seek, etc. simply by removing Meta data and timings and then replacing with Yambdi and FLVMeta.

    To Replace Meta Data
    FLVMeta -t -f "input Video.flv" "Outputvideo.flv"

    To Remove Meta Data
    yamdi.exe -i "input Video.flv" -o "Outputvideo.flv" -M

    I have download tons of FLV and this fixes 99% of them and you do not have to re-encode. It works so well I wrote a kind of composite program to fix them an, unless it is a really messed up FLV it will correct it. Then I use a hex editor!
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    All links of FLV/Media Utility had been lost (from google). going to death resources.

    flvmeta, and yamdi can't repair files. about 5 frames of ~40 MB only.
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    veranyon, Not sure what you mean about 5 frames ~40MB. You have only 5 frames corrupted? Also did you remove first and then replace or just try to replace.
    Best to Remove first. I'm working on a more elaborate version of FLV media Utility that I hope to post on my web site soon with a help file that explains the many new features for additional media types.

    Let me know the exact problem and result.
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