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  1. Hello,

    First my PC: Brand new I7 4770K., SSD 120gb, external 3 TB Intenso, 16 GB Ram.
    Program: MeGUI newest Version fully updated, Avisynth 2.58. I have read and watched tutorials. I only changed:
    Quality to 18 (also tested 22, no success).
    I tested Ultra fast / Placebo Preset. But normally its on medium.
    Avisynth no changes. Size stays at original 1920x1080.
    I use Premiere Pro cs 6
    Well it 2 FPS it is.

    Just in this exact moment I deleted all Webcam footage out my Premiere Pro project, which I put in the upper left corner. The reason I tried this was that I did not render anything in my project.
    Normaly if i click enter after I put in my Webcamfootage it renders a long time. But I felt somhow not to do it (because it takes a lot of time) and ( I am new in editing <.<)

    However, this resulted in an increase to 18 FPS.

    1.So which tipps can you give me with my webcam and this damn long rendering time?
    2.How much FPS I can reach with my system, if anyone got the same or other knowledge of this high science programming even my grandmother didnt understand?
    3. Is there any advantage if I encode on an internal harddrive? ( now my Project, and my Project clips/audio is on my external harddrive. I tried to encode to my SSD, or my external. Did not show me any difference, still 2FPS. I thought for a moment this was the reason)

    I thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Greetz Vitali
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  2. I don't quite understand how MeGUI and Premiere are connected, or exactly what you're doing, but logically if you're encoding at 2fps, change something in another program and encoding speed increases to 18fps, then something else other than the x264 encoder must have been keeping the CPU busy.
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  3. I use Frameserver in Premiere Pro to connect to Megui Avisynth.
    Now I render my project. It take 30 minutes for a10 min 1080p video. But results in 10 FPS megui 18.0 Quality

    If someone has suggestions to improve. It would be great.

    Greetings vita
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  4. If I'm reading you correctly, it sounds like rendering the webcam footage is the holdup -- whether you do it during editing or during export. What are the specs of your webcam footage -- framerate, dimensions, codec? And what are your project settings?
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  5. webcam: 720p, 30 fps, havent looked for a codec now, dont really know where it stands. I installed ffdshow 3 days ago I remember
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