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  1. Hi everyone, well it appears that this forum sub section is dedicated to Camcorders (DV/HDV/AVCHD) but what about all the new camera's that are flooding the market, especially those such as the BlackMagic Cinema Camera's, including their brand new 2014 releases.

    should there now be a new Camera Sub section for these types of camera's, or do we just post them up in this section.

    anyway, here is the link to all the current BlackMagic camera's, including the new 2014 new range

    Blackmagic URSA - The world’s first user upgradable 4K digital film camera!
    Blackmagic Studio Camera

    My son just bought a Pocket Cinema Camera with several lenses and rigs for his 2nd year of film & television studies at uni, and loves it, amazing what a small $1000 camera can do, and i will be shooting some test footage on it next week when i go to visit him to see how i go using it, because from what i can see, the only issue with this type of camera is it has no flip out/rotating screen like traditional video cams have, but shooting on a rig, one could buy an external screen to attach to the rig if required.

    I would like to upgrade my camera's to something more professional that shoots native 220Mbps ProRes HQ 422 or Raw CinemaDNG like these BlackMagic camera's do, but i really want to continue shooting in 50p mode rather than 24 or 25p like these camera's do, so i figure i just may be waiting a while yet.

    and on that note, has anyone heard of any Cinema type camera, or any other video camera that shoots ProRes or DNG but in 50p/60p mode, because i have not found any yet.

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  2. ok well maybe nobody is interested in this topic, but do we continue to write up threads dedicated to non avchd/hdv/dv cameras in this sub forum, or elsewhere.

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