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  1. I wanted to ask about Overall feeling/handling/video-usability of a GoPro camera. I am going to a convention where I want to capture some action, and possibly use it to film a short video that I will later edit. I am thinking of getting HERO3+ Black Edition.

    But then ... I currently have the (older) Sony VX-2000 camera (which wow still sells for $600)
    I also have Sony RX 100 (you can see one here)

    Each one is such a different camera. Sony VX-2000 is bulky and it is probably not the camera you will take around everywhere ... but then maybe I will! Sony RX 100 is fine - can keep it everywhere I go yay, inside my pocket. I can maybe even clip it somehow to a pole like people do with GoPro. So here is what I don't know -- will my GoPro feel like RX 100 ?

    UPDATE: oh just checked out this comparison (wow GoPro gets score of 43. that is strange, I thought it'd be higher)

    Maybe I will just keep happy with RX 100. It seems to me that GoPro is more for clipping/attaching/securing camera to a moving object, including yourself and in general for capturing action. It is for capturing wider image as well ...

    But then I am going to capture action, and it is easier to have a camera clipped to your body somewhere, opposed to walking around with RX 100 in my hand, ha ha ha.

    So I wanted to ask if anyone had any reflections on actually using GoPro and also capturing actions using one of these camera, considering that I want to use it in a hotel/convention walk-around setting, and short-video filming.
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  2. What capability does the GoPro add (for you) that the RX100 doesn't have?

    (The VX2000 is actually your best bet for audio BTW.)
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  3. I think the ability to clip it to a pole or head and walk around with it everywhere. It seems it is a bit more "acceptable" to have a GoPro on a stick rather than an RX-100.
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  4. Originally Posted by dennismv View Post
    I think the ability to clip it to a pole or head and walk around with it everywhere. It seems it is a bit more "acceptable" to have a GoPro on a stick rather than an RX-100.
    So it's a question of how you look, not capability. Obviously there's nothing preventing you from putting the rx100 on a pole. My read is that you really want the GoPro and are lookjng for a good excuse to buy it. You have my permission.
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  5. well thank you

    but actually I think I am not going to buy it. I just need to find a way to use Sony RX 100 on a pole.
    And deal with any wide angle issues by moving it around more.

    and maybe see how it compares to VX 2000 in terms of video quality. I wonder if RX 100 surpassed VX 2000, or if VX 2000 still packs a punch.

    I have not used VX 2000 in a while you see ha ha
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  6. Actually, the video on the VX2000, which was a great camera in its day, will look terrible compared to the rx100.

    Depending on what kind of pole you are using, there are any number of inexpensive (and expensive if you want to go there) tripod head ball mounts. There's also a handy $12.99 device that will allow you to attach any camera to any GoPro mount.
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