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  1. I have lg 42la6130 3d full hd TV ( not smart ) I want media player device can read multi- subtitle of my 3d movies and make my TV smart which i can connect internet . I want media player device compatible with my device and can read subtitles files in the times like computer which make watch 3d movies with multi subtitles > media player device is smart , 3d and support multi subtitle without hard disk because i have one (portable 1 TR )
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  2. Your link isn't working. But I think this is it:

    I don't know anything about that player. I use a Western Digital WDTV Live. All my local media is on a NAS.
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  3. is there western media player support 3d full hd ?
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  4. I think it only plays side-by-side 3d format. And I think you have to manually switch the TV to 3d.
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  5. did you mean western or kdlinks?
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  6. popcorn a-410 can play downloaded movies or Purchased movies only
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