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  1. Hi!!!!!
    I need help to configure potplayer to get the best possible quality in HD 1080p playback
    I am using the version in the download section PotPlayer1.5.45955-x64.EXE almost all setting are by default

    my spec Videoboard: AMD Radeon HD 7970M 2GB, 16GB Ram, CPU: Core i727QM = 2.4ghz

    I was using wmp12 and shark007 codecs (default recommend settings) for playing (for along time) but wp12 is so so annoying....but the video quality is the best, except for Powerdvd13 but the library and play list in this one are really bad.

    so.... please help me to get rid of wmp12

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    Something wrong with the default settings?

    You shouldn't need to do much/anything if you already have such good video source.
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  3. the quality is still not good as wmp12 with default settings
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  4. WMP uses EVR by default. Using a same video renderer will make no difference.
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  5. ok can you please elaborate ?
    if that is.... i guess it will be a filter then...?? shark use lav by default
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