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  1. Hi there,

    This question might be pretty basic, but I figured I'd ask before I get the workflow all wrong.

    I have a Blackmagic Studio card that I use for capturing VHS footage. I have used VirtualDub to capture this, but I have had very slight sync-issues with the audio (happens after an hour or more). I have had better success capturing with the Blackmagic Media Express application, but unfortunately that doesnt accept Huffyuv-codec when capturing, so I am forced to capture uncompressed AVI. Now, filesize isnt really an issue, but I really do prefer Huffyuv, so my question is basically if I can apply the Huffyuv codec to the uncompressed AVI post-capture? Will I loose anything (except time) by going this route, and is it still lossless?

    Again, the answer might be pretty obvious, but any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Any other tips or suggestions as to why VirtualDub goes out of sync in longer captures is also welcomed. I tried a few different options in the "Timing" option, but to no avail. Alternatively I could use Premiere, but I have read that Huffyuv doesnt work very well with Premiere Capture?

    Best regards,
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  2. You can save your uncompressed file with Huffyuv without any losses. Be sure to put VirtualDub in Video -> Fast Recompress mode. And set Huffyuv up to compress in the same format as your source (YUY2 or RGB), ie, don't set RGB Compression Method to Convert To YUY2.
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