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  1. Hello all. Fantastic forum and already helpful for someone new to video editing. I have a silly question that I could not find an answer to using the search function.

    I play in a band and we have an upcoming gig that is really important. We are playing with a number of signed bands, at a venue that has a video projector. We are trying to put together a video that can be displayed during our last song. Basically, our music is acting like the soundtrack to that video. It is very difficult to sync a 5 minute live performance to a video, and I was wondering if there was any software that existed that would allow a friend of ours off-stage to cue/trigger the video to our song. This in essence is similar to how PowerPoint animations work (you hit the button at a specific point in the song, and a sequence of animations occur). One friend suggested just simply hitting pause/play at certain points in the video so that they align with the song, but then the giant pause and play symbols appear in the middle of the screen. I don't know that any software like this exists, but I am currently a Mac user and would appreciate any and all advice that I can get. Thank you so much in advance!
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    Yes, there is software that makes video "dance" to the beat of a song. Look for "Beat Reactor". The only one's I know of is in BorisCC and HitFilm for Mac.

    The HiFilm for Mac is probably all you need. Boris is expensive.
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  3. try producing the video with a click/metronome track and send the audio to the drummer (or all band members). this should be an easy task with cubase or reaper even with tempo changes (i think audacity can do this too, not sure). for convenience, you'll have to start with a lead-in count.
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