I've been battling through a few issues trying to get subtitles to work correctly. I am using Hdbrstream extractor to extract the sub file. BD2Sub2sub to generate the IDX file and then merge it with mkvmerge.

The first issue I faced was garbled subtitles. I am almost certain this was caused by subtitles appearing outside of the screen. Even though I converted the resolution to 720p, some subtitles were showing garbled. I then centered all of them and they all display properly.

Now my other issue. When I play the video back and on my initial enabling of the subtitles I get a brief video pause and it looks like the video skips a little before displaying the subtitles. It won't do that for the rest of the movie no matter how many times I turn the subtitles on or off. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I don't get this issue when I add an SRT file to Handbrake.