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  1. I am trying to re-encode a few videos from VP8 codec to X264 without changing other parameters like
    bit-rate , aspect ratio, resolution .

    Is there way to keep the bit-rate , aspect ratio, resolution as source ?

    When i use the following command , the command changes the bit rate though it keeps the aspect ratio and resolution intact .

    "-vcodec libx264 -preset slow -crf 20 -acodec copy"
    i also tried to use -qscale:v 1 and sameq , but then they all change the bit rate .

    I do not want to supply a bit-rate using "-b:v 350" because i want to batch process and they all have different bit rate .

    Any help will be appreciated .
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    If you want exact same bitrate as the source must you use something to read the source bitrate and then use it in the ffmpeg command.

    You could try search for some scripts that read source file details. Maybe with ffprobe and then a script in perl or windows batch.
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