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    I like to record stuff to watch later or to archive. My Dish 722 DVR has component outputs that I can use with my hauppauge hardware or an old Panasonic DVD recorder to get most stuff into a digital file that I then use software to remove commercials and such prior to archiving to a DVD. But there is an increasing array of material that I can view on my tv through Roku, Apple-TV, or from the hdmi in (e.g., from my laptop ), but my tv doesn't have video out, so I can't record the video. I suspect this is to prevent video piracy.

    Are there any TVs that have video out? Or is there other hardware that I can hook into my tv to capture the video out, preferably high def?
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    Source -> HDMI receiver/splitter

    HDMI receiver/splitter out A -> TV
    HDMI receiver/splitter out B -> HDMI capture card on a PC

    Of course, this doesn't mean it will record ok, because there could still be encryption, or a "no copy" flag going on. Plus HDMI is finnicky with connections and might not like those 2 outputs being simultaneously live.

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