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  1. Hi, what is the best way to do this? I tried using a plugin to load WMV files in Virtual Dub and add a frame-blending filter, but the resulting video is unplayable. Handbrake appears to just drop frames. I need something that can convert between frame rates with frame-blending filters.
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  2. I found this Avisynth script via google. It'll do exactly what you want, but I'm not sure it won't look a bit ugly (simply frame blending that way). You'd obviously need to change the first line according to your source video, but you could open the script with VirtualDub.

    c1=selectevery(last, 2, 0)
    c2=selectevery(last, 2, 1)
    Overlay(c1, c2, mode="blend", opacity=0.5)
    Not that I convert between frame rates much, but I think maybe some sort of motion adaptive frame blending, or motion blurring might be better.
    About the only filter I've used along those lines is QTGMC for Avisynth. It's a de-interlacer but it can be run in progressive mode and it has settings for motion blur. By default QTGMC would de-interlace 60i as 60p. To de-interlace to 30p it still de-interlaces the same way, but drops every second frame, and the motion blur settings can be used to compensate to keep things looking a bit smoother.
    If simple frame blending doesn't look good, and you're familiar with Avisynth, QTGMC in progressive mode after dropping frames might produce a more natural looking effect.
    Just another suggestion..... as I said, I don't convert between frame rates much.

    QTGMC(InputType=1, ShutterBlur=1, ShutterAngleSrc=30, ShutterAngleOut=180)
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