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  1. Hello everyone,
    I have a Duplicator Tower with a with this controller
    I'm unable to write in 2.4x Speed on a DVD-DL although i can do so in PC.

    Is there anything i could do other than settings the speed in controller to enable the low speed?
    It's set to 2.4x but it's always using 4x instead.

    I thought about drives firmware modification but i'm not sure.
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    Does ImgBurn work with the duplicator?

    I hope you understand that most DL media is pure garbage. Only Verbatim makes good DL media. Well, technically Taiyo Yuden probably does too, but they only make DVD-R DL so it's very expensive if you can even find it. You don't say what you're using and we get tons of posts from people who just buy whatever cheap stuff they can find at a local store and it's always garbage unless they get lucky and got Verbatim.
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  3. IMGBurn or nero writes the (grabage) media at 2.4x speed at PC.
    But the controller on the duplicator is not or maybe the drive(s) unable to.

    That's why i'm asking if i can do anything to the Drives/Controller to achieve the speed on the duplicator instead of PC.
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    The drive itself has the burning firmware. That determines the possible burning speeds of the particular type/brand of disc.
    I doubt you can find a firmware upgrade to lower the burning speed. Many newer DVD burners don't operate well at very low speeds like 1X.
    I don't know about 2.4X

    And I'm not sure if you can update drive firmware from within the duplicator tower with the controller.
    You may have to plug each burner into a PC. ImgBurn can update the firmware of most common burners using a PC.
    You would have to remove the drives and use a PC for firmware upgrade.

    And there is no guarantee that even with updated firmware that your burners can operate at 2.4X. You could update one in a PC,
    then try it in the tower to find out.

    Most firmware updates are for newer types/brands of discs that weren't available when the drive was made and
    they usually allow faster burning with better quality discs.
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  5. I found this app to modify firmware and speeds MediaCodeSpeedEdit
    Is it safe to use it with all brands of drives?
    I think i can specify the DVD brand and force a speed to be used but not sure.
    Also do you know a safe tool to dump the LG drives firmware to modify it?
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    The controller and the software really have nothing to do with the write speed, it is the firmware on the drives themselves.

    Even if you choose 2.4x but the drives firmware write strategy only allow the slowest burn speed for those specific disc's to be 6x, you are only getting 6x write speed even on a PC.

    You can choose 2.4x, and think you are getting 2.4x, but if you check the log it probably is not writing at 2.4x.
    And I sure would not use NERO or trust what it is telling you, if it even does.

    Too slow, redwudz beat me to it while I was typing.

    I have used MCSE on many drives over the years to write DL media at slower 2.4x speeds.
    What redwudz stated is the way to try but you need to find the firmware for those drives that you can actually edit and then use DVD Identifier to get the info of the disc's you need to change/modify the write strategy in the firmware before flashing the drive.
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    -R DL never can support 2.4x!
    In fact, any -R media cannot support 2.4x writing speed unless the firmware is bend to do so and break the dvd rules.
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