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    I just finished editing my brother's wedding video. I intended to give it to him as a gift. I have no previous video editing experience.
    For my brother's wedding, he didn't hire any professional, so I am editing videos from various sources. I have spend so much time lining up difference video clips of the same event to decide the best one to use for the particular time. I haven't use any other effects, just cut and trim only. I am now happy with the overall flow of the wedding video, but I am not getting the quality I want.

    I have a lot of clips in MOD, and very few for MTS and AVI.

    For the AVI source
    Frame width: 640
    Frame height: 480
    Frame rate: 30 frames/sec
    data rate: 19863 kbps
    total bitrate: 20569 kbps

    For the MOD source
    Frame width: 720
    Frame height: 576
    Frame rate: 25 frames/sec
    data rate: 9200 kbps
    total bitrate: 9584 kbps

    For the MTS source
    Frame width: 1440
    Frame height: 1080
    Frame rate: 25 frames/sec
    data rate: 9452 kbps
    total bitrate: 9708 kbps

    To do my cut and trim, I have used Windows Movie maker and I saved the movie into WMV, as the Windows DVD maker does not take other format. The end product looks really bad. How do I improve it? The source video wasn't great to start with, I want to preserve as much as possible.

    Altogether there's 2 hrs and 6 mins of video. (proabably around 10 mins from MTS and another 15 minutes from AVI, the rest are from the MOD)

    Does the software had an effect? Windows DVD maker just shows me the duration of total video and it looks like it had done a lot of compression?

    What's the best way to burn the wedding videos in
    - DVD? (for the grandparents, as they don't have blu ray player)
    - and blu ray? (for my brother as a gift)

    I actually went out to buy a blu ray burner yesterday, but I won't start yet until I get the fundamentals right.... I have wasted many DVDs already.


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    Get a better editor and authoring application. Maybe Tmpgenc authoring works.
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