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  1. Here's the clip in question:

    At around :10 the noise begins, a low thrumming sound. It's probably a car driving by, you can hear a doppler effect. I've tried the Parametric Equalizer with no success. Any suggestions as to how I should approach this problem?

    I'd be willing to use another (free) audio editing program to get rid of it, but I'd prefer to use Audition.
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    Since this is speech you probably do not need anything below100 or 200Hz. Open file in Audition, edit view or mode, effects>filters & EQ>scientific filters. In here, click the chebychev1 or butterworth tabs, high pass, enter 100 or 200Hz for cutoff frequency, order 6, 0 master gain, ok. The idea is to high pass filter with a cutoff frequency that you may experiment on; vary between 100 and maybe 400Hz and see what changes it brings. You can also experiment with the order, which determines how sharp the slope of the filter will be.
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