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  1. here is a clip

    electric effects looks like a simple filter any guess how this is done, after effects maybe?

    effect at 0:27 till :029

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  2. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    paint-on effect with white paintbrush, maybe rotoscoped first. Nothing special. AE could do that, many other processing, compositing, and even NLE apps could do it too.

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  3. Member budwzr's Avatar
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    It looks like frame-by-frame someone used a soft edge transparency brush.

    Scott beat me to it.

    Yeah, nothing special. Doesn't even look special.
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  4. Didn't think it was hard, just thought somebody might recognize as an simple FX filter from NLE. Like, hey thats a filter that comes with Sony Vegas.

    Thanks for feed back.
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