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  1. hi there,
    i want to know how to improve a video which is darker in shade
    here are the two images of the video from 2 different movie files of the same movie:
    one is clear in the sense,that it is not darker than the other
    so please help me, how to make the darker one similar to the lighter one

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2014-03-29-08h48m51s19.png
Views:	276
Size:	726.5 KB
ID:	24301Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2014-03-29-08h44m53s124.png
Views:	306
Size:	691.6 KB
ID:	24302

    the lighter one is a satrip video and the other one is simple dvdrip
    so please tell me how to do it and with which software
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  2. I have a feeling MediaCoder has options for adjusting brightness and contrast etc. Don't hold me to that. It's been a long time since I've used it.
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  3. I'm a Super Moderator johns0's Avatar
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    How did you rip the dvd?Was it a straight rip with no re-encoding or was it changed to another format?
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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  4. I don't think he decrypted either from a retail DVD. The bottom one is from a TV capture he probably downloaded and the top one looks to me like a download as well, of some sort of a reencode. Both pictures look pretty horrible to me. A video sample or two would be nice.

    It looks to me like the bottom one can be (mostly) fixed while the top one is unsalvageable.
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