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  1. I have accidentally set the video output of the DVD player to SCART - RGB, when I think my TV needs SCART Composite. I can now no longer interact with the player.

    Is there a way to factory reset the device?
    Would it be possible to insert a CD/DVD with a firmware upgrade that would reset the firmware and reset the settings?

    I really don't want to have to take it to a shop, as its in a media unit which I would have to disassemble to get at the plug to remover the player.

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  2. Usually when that happens you have to get the manual out and follow the steps one by one to enter setup and get to the correct page and select the setting you need.
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  3. I will try, but normally when I try changing settings and can see what is happening, often the key presses are not recognised, so makes it hard even when you can at least see what state the changes have got to. Don't give myself much chance without.
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    Usually to reset a dvd player is to press power for 5 seconds or more,give that a try.
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    Some players also revert to factory defaults if you unplug them from the power source for at least half an hour, maybe more. It seems to work with far less players, now, though.

    Still, I'd think the manual would be the first place to look for a factory reset method. If you don't have the manual (handy or at all), you might try an online search of the manufacturer's website or other sources for a digital copy of the manual.
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