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    I'm new on this forum.

    I'm using to capture picture 4 devices and 3 programs.
    Programs are:
    VirtualDub - perfect capture/show software with support of some interlaced modes
    DScaler - new, today found at this forum - great support of interlaced modes
    Windows Media Center - only for TV capture
    on Windows 8 PROWMC x64

    Devices are:
    MSI TV @nywhere A/D TV Card
    SilverCrest USB Video Grabber VG2010
    Mediatech MT4169 USB Grabber
    SMI EasyCAP002 USB 2.0 DVR 4CH Dongle

    In my new experience with DScaler:
    - every device has S-Video and CVBS inputs (EasyCap 4 CVBS only) > problem: DScaler allows me not to select input, it sets it automatically and I can't to change between CVBS and S-Video - how to do it?
    - I have in DScaler checked items Save settings for every input/channel/mode - but really don't know how it works - can anybody write anything about?
    - SilverCrest USB grabber is not possible to get work - sometimes appears error message (look on attached screeenshot) or blank area and no one time DScaler crashes! It's for me hard 'cause in VirtualDub works SilverCrest ok.

    In VirtualDub:
    - Mediatech USB grabber shows picture mismatch - so I'm confused...

    SMI EasyCAP002 USB 2.0 DVR 4CH Dongle:
    - at connection to PC appears "USB device was not recognized. Please unplug and plug-in again"
    - in Device Manager it shows only "Unknown Device" with error message "Windows stopped device 'cause device reported problem (Code 43)"
    - if I install driver by wizard, no changes, if I try it manually reports "Digitally not signed" and breaks installation or I tried to install driver in Vista SP2 compatibility mode, installation reports succesfull but device is not known...
    Can anybody help me?

    In short summary:
    - Mediatech USB grabber works not in VirtualDub
    - SilverCrest USB grabber works not in DScaler
    - EasyCap works not generally
    - how to change inputs in DScaler ?
    - what means autosave settings input/channel/mode in DScaler ?

    Thank you for everything!

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