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    I downloaded mkvtoolnix 6.8.0 and I don't know how to open mkvextract. When I went to the folder itself and opened the application, it just opens a window filled with command lines and just suddenly closes. I tried downloading mkvextract GUI but it keeps saying to put it in mkvtoolnix dir. I'm new to this lexicon, so I don't know what they mean. I just clicked OK to get whatever it is I needed, but all it showed where a bunch of mkvtoolnix zip folders and I don't know which one to download. All I can open from mkvtoolnix is mkvmerge and mkvinfo. The other application-like programs in the folder just show a command line for a split second that automatically closes without doing anything useful. I'm really new to this. I don't even know if this is the right forum to post this question. So any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    Get hold of the newer mkvextract program front end gMKVExtractGUI.exe available from the tools section of the forum. When it says put it in the folder where mkvmerge is located you do just that, find where you put mkvmerge folder, open it and you will see all the files associated with it and put mkvmergeGui in with the rest of them but I would do the same with

    Directory = another name in this case for containing folder
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  3. If you're doing a lot of extracting I'd recommend MKVCleaver. It has a batch extraction mode, and if it's extracting multiple streams from a single MKV, it extracts them all at the same time. gMKVExtractGUI currently extracts them one at a time.

    gMKVExtractGUI does have one nice feature. When you extract audio streams from MKVs, if the audio has a delay, gMKVExtractGUI writes the delay value to the extracted audio stream. MKVCleaver doesn't (apparently the next version will) so it pays to check MKVs for audio delays using MediaInfo (if need be) when using MKVCleaver. On the downside..... in order to determine the delay gMKVExtractGUI extracts the audio timecodes, which means it takes twice as long to extract a single audio stream as MKVCleaver.

    Hopefully the next version of gMKVExtractGUI will fix the "speed problems", but I don't think it'll ever batch extract as MKVCleaver can.

    MKVCleaver requires MKVToolNix in order to work.
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