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  1. Hello Gurus,

    I bought the DVD of the Italian version of "The apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz", and the movie looks horrible, as there's some serious ghosting.
    For example:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vlcsnap-2014-03-24-14h00m43s120.png
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    I'm a total newbie with AviSynth (and kinda newbie with video editing/encoding in general) so without knowing much I was wondering if there's a way to fix this problem by ripping the movie.
    I tried to look at some solutions proposed here... so now at least I think the problem is the deinterlacing method they used, but how to improve the quality is still a bit confusing

    What would you suggest?

    As a side note, the US version I found ages ago on eMu... well, inside my computer was much nicer (or at least I remember it being so), but the IT version is a different cut and some of the scenes are different, so using the US video with the IT audio takes a lot more work...
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    It looks like every frame here is actually a blend of two frames. PAL video streams often have a problem where the fields are off by one, i.e. in one video frame you have fields belonging to two film frames. This is not a problem during normal viewing, as the fields still get displayed on the TV in the right order. However, if this sort of stream is blend-deinterlaced like here, you end up with a mess.

    I'll try to recreate the situation with some animations. This is what you should have, video frames corresponding to the film frames:

    Name:  1_proper.gif
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    This is what it looks like when there is a field offset. Still plays fine on the TV:

    Name:  2_mismatch.gif
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    But this is what you get after a blend-deinterlace. Two different images are permanently fused together:

    Name:  3_blend.gif
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    Now, with this kind of simple motion it might seem easy to recover the original images. But with actual video, it would be more like trying to separate red and blue when all the frames are purple

    If you have another source which is not blended together, it's probably worthwhile to go with that, even if it means more work in other respects.
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  3. The usual NTSC/PAL conversion field blending can be fixed with Yafid(mode=1).SRestore() in AviSynth. But your video has much more blending than that. I don't think there's any way for you to fix it.
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  4. Thanks for the answers!

    I guess the DVD editors couldn't care less of what they were doing and released such a crap. Very, very disappointing.
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