Iím about to edit a bunch of Super 8 clips (previously converted into ProRes HQ - .mov). Some of the clips are silent but a few of them has got audio tracks in them.

I would like to know the best way, if any, for cleaning the audio and make voices appear clearer? I assume that thereís no solution for magical sound improvements for 8 mm home films shot during the 70s, but if there's a way to improve the sound a bit so that I can make voices sound slightly clearer I would be very happy.

Iíve downloaded trial versions of Premiere Elements 12, Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 Ultra and Corel Videostudio x7 but they're all quite comprehensive so I haven't been able to get a grip of all functions yet. Or am I better off using some third-party audio editing software for audio editing?

Thanks in advance.