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  1. I'm trying to convert footage which is in MTS format form a camera that was recorded at 50i. I had Avidemux recommended to me to convert it to AVI or MP4, but the final output plays at half speed (slow motion).

    Any tips or ideas of how I can go about correcting this ?

    Also I couldnt see where or how to deinterlace the footage in Avidemux

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  2. I don't use Avidemux but if you're happy with MP4 or MKV and x264 encoding then try Handbrake/Vidcoder. They're fairly easy to use.

    The High Profile preset it a good place to start. For 1080i you can usually de-interlace and resize to 720p without any loss of detail. That'll help reduce the file size.
    Disable the Decomb filter and enable de-interlacing. Select "same as source" for the output frame rate and check the "constant frame rate" option. That'll give you 25fps progressive. A better option is to choose "Bob" as the de-interlacer. I'm pretty sure you can leave the frame rate stuff as before but the output will be 50fps progressive rather than 25fps. Motion should look much smoother that way.

    Most hardware players (Bluray players etc) will play 720p video up to around 70fps.

    If you need AVI for some reason, such as to play the encoded version using an AVI capable DVD player, you'll need to use a different program. I use MeGUI myself for both x264 and Xvid encoding but it's not as easy to use as Handbrake or Vidcoder.
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    Avidemux sometimes gets the frame rate wrong. If you go to filters, open resample frame rate and resample to the same as the source, which will be already in the box. That should do it. Don't select blend.
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  4. Great!! thanks for the input . I'll be trying those tonight. Awesome!!!
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