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  1. I have 10 documentaries about the ocean and fish that are on average about 40 minutes long. Each file around 3gb big. I wanted to convert them so I could fit them all on 1 dvd so they could all play continuously on a tv in an office waiting room. I see movies around 700 mb that are 90 minutes or so that have good quality. Is it possible to get these 40 minute movies to around 400 mb without them looking like total crap?
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    Try for example xmedia recode, xvid4psp5, winff. Use avi hardware/dvd player presets. Set the bitrate to around 1200kbits/s video + 128kbit/s audio. ( 60 s 1328 / 8 bits = 10MB/ minute.).

    Don't use any hd resolution. Max about 720x480/576 or lower.
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    What kind of tv is it? Do you have hd inputs? Do you have a free tablet you can spare for this venture? You could get a tablet that can play the original files without converting and hook them up to the tv. Just get a player on the tablet that can loop them endlessly or whatever you want. Just make sure the tablet either has video out in some fashion or a usb to hdmi (should be an official adapter like one for a nexus 7 or something - no name options on the web might be more miss than hit if they are not officially licensed by the tablet manufacturer, in my opinion) option so you can output the video and sound.
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  4. Baldrick thanks. I will get started on that now.

    yoda313 the boss still buys blurays. My wife tried to connect one of my old media players and she said he said no. The front office people hate getting up every 1 1/2 hours to restart bluray lol.
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  5. Thanks Baldrick for the help. I learned a lot by just what you put. My question is is there any tweaks I can do to make the videos look any better or am I just going to have to put less on the disc and use a higher bitrate. This is what I did.

    I used xmedia recode. I had 530 minutes of video. I used your equation and I came out with this. I used bitrate 1050kbits/s video + 128kbit/s audio. ( 60 s 1178 / 8 bits = 8.8MB/ minute). I changed resolution to 720 x 480. That equaled 4,689,212,662 bytes on the dvd. The fish in the videos are pretty blurry at further distance from the camera. Is there a way to tweak the settings to get better results? Right now I'm trying 2200 bitrate and I am thinking I'm going to have to cut the dvd in half. Thanks tremendously.
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  6. is this a BBC documentary narrated by david attenborough? i have this too but total duration is 8h 6m 0s with an average file duration of 0h 48m 36s... hmm...

    @ 8h 6m 0s total, (h264+aac in mp4) video bitrate=1131 kb/s, audio=128 kb/s, 25 fps (BBC/UK), 720x404 (qf ~ 0.156) with output size of 4.29 gb (which fits nicely on dvd5).
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  7. oops... if you want xvid+mp3 in avi (on dvd5)...

    try 560x314 (qf ~ 0.257), everything else, same as above

    just a wild guess that you are referring to 'the blue planet'
    Valid files: 10. Total duration: 8h 6m 0s. Average file duration: 0h 48m 36s.

    TBP-001-TheBluePlanet-TheBluePlanet_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 33s)
    TBP-002-TheBluePlanet-TheDeep_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 41s)
    TBP-003-TheBluePlanet-OpenOcean_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 8s)
    TBP-004-TheBluePlanet-FrozenSeas_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 40s)
    TBP-005-TheBluePlanet-SeasonalSeas_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 33s)
    TBP-006-TheBluePlanet-CoralSeas_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 34s)
    TBP-007-TheBluePlanet-TidalSeas_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 34s)
    TBP-008-TheBluePlanet-Coasts_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 17s)
    TBP-009-TheBluePlanet-MakingWaves_TBP.mp4 (0h 49m 4s)
    TBP-010-TheBluePlanet-DeepTrouble_TBP.mp4 (0h 48m 56s)
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