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  1. Assume I have a 3D video *.mkv file.

    Is it possible to generate a corresponding 2D video file from it?

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  2. Yes, remove one of the two views. The procedure varies depending on the type of 3d (over/under, left/right, mvc, interlaced, anaglyph...).
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    Hello there ! First post here.
    I too was looking for how to this, and I found out this procedure with AviDemux.
    Basically, you open you 3D movie in AviDemux.
    On the left side, in "Video Output", put the format of the movie, for example Mpeg 4 AVC for H264 (say, bluray rip)
    Then proceed to press "Filters", then double-click "Crop".
    Now, if the movie in Over-under, you should crop half the vertical resolution, i.e. the movie is 1920x1080, crop 540 pixels vertically (either from up or down, you choose).
    If the movie is side-by-side, it's the horizontal resolution, i.e. 960x1080 pixels horizontally.
    After that, still in the "Filters", choose "swResize", uncheck "Lock Aspect Ratio" and under "Resize Dimensions" put original resolution of the movie, in the example from before, put 1920 width and 1080 height.
    Click preview if you want to check the result, of course, or just close the "Filters" tab.
    Now for the Audio, either leave "Copy" (in case you want to keep the same audio encode, I do this for DTS) or choose whatever you like, AC3 for example.
    Output format I'd suggest MKV.
    Done with the settings, press the "Save" button (not the "Save Project" one, they have the same icon, so put the mouse over it to make sure). Remember to save the file as "name.mkv" or whatever format you chose, or simply rename it later.
    The encoding starts and the result has been wonderful for me.
    Let me know if I have been of help.
    There are also some settings under the "Configure" tab but I didn't mess with those, if you find something interesting please tell me!
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  4. Just as information for those who might land here after a search...
    For an MVC frame-packed 3D Blu-Ray disc, it's simple:

    1) Run a driver-level decrypter in the background (AnyDVDHD or DVDFabPasskey).
    2) Insert 3D Blu-Ray disc in BD-ROM or BDRW drive.
    3) Wait for notification that encryption is removed.
    4) Extract left-view main movie (2D) with Clown_BD. It will go just as extraction from a 2D disc, i.e. there's no special option to select.
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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  5. Here is how I pull it off using Handbrake 64bit and MakeMKV which works flawlessly for me. I do use my own custom settings for Video/Audio encoding but will not get into that here.

    First I Rip the 3D BluRay into a 3D SBS .mkv file with MakeMKV which is a straightforward process and needs no instructions.

    Then using Handbrake (which can do either an existing 3D OU-OverUnder or 3D SBS-SideBySide acquired file as well using the same methods varied by cropping and resizing either the vertical or horizontal dimensions accordingly) by going to the "Picture Tab" and adjusting the following settings:

    If your file is a 3D Side By Side with the following dimensions 1920x1080 then check the "Custom Radio Button" in the right side of the viewable area under the "Cropping Section" and type 960 into the "Left" Box. Now in the left side of the viewable area under the "Size Section" set "Anamorphic" to none and "Modulus" to 16. After doing that uncheck the box for "Keep Aspect Ratio" then enter 1920 into the Box for "Width" and 1080 into the Box for "Height".

    Now above the "Tabs" set your Container to MKV or in my case I use MP4. To the right of the Container Setting Box I leave I leave "Large File Size", "Web Optimized" and "iPod 5g Support" Boxes unchecked.

    Note: Search for and Download "MediaInfo from the web before doing this reencode to check your source file to see if it is a 1080i/720i or 1080p/720p file so you know if you will also need to De-interlace it under the "Filters Tab".

    In the viewable area under the "Filters Tab" set "Detelicine" to Off, "Denoise" to Medium, and of course the "Grayscale" Box should be unchecked.
    If your source file is already progressive (XXXp), set "Decomb" to Default, if it is interlaced (XXXi), set "Deinterlace" to Bob.

    The rest of the settings and tweaks are up to you and your Encode setting skills.

    Now in my case using custom settings, In the viewable area under the "Filters Tab" I slide the "Deblock" slider all the way to the left which is "Off" because I use custom parameters for it under the "Advanced Tab" in the x264 Encoder Options Box".

    Under the "Video Tab" I use x264", Constant Frame Rate, Frame Rate Same As Source, Average Bitrate of 1800 kbps (Not Constant Quality), 2-Pass Encoding, Turbo First Pass and "Use Advanced Tab Instead" under the "Optimize Video" Section.

    Under the "Audio Tab" I make my Audio Tracks AAC because I Reencode to MP4 Containers.

    Under the "Subtitles Tab", if Encoding to an MKV Container, do whatever.

    Under the "Chapters Tab" I uncheck "Create Chapter Markers".

    Under the "Advanced Tab" I use my custom settings honed from existing knowledge, lots of research, analyzing the best Encoders Files I could find, and lots and I do mean lots of trial and error to come up with tightly encoded (small) files with very good video quality. Another factor of my choice of custom settings is for compatability with various consumer electronics equipment for connecting hard drives to in order to push the image/audio from the hard drive held files to HiDef TV's etc.

    Well, I hope this helps with your ability to stay with Handbrake for your 3D to 2D encodes after ripping (remuxing) your 3D BluRays into MKV Containers or working with acquired 3D source files.

    Good luck, and happy encoding!

    PS: This works fine on source content in other Muxed Containers as well such as .avi, .ts, .mp4!
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