I wanna make a timelapse of the entire TPP stream for the second gen because the guy who made the timelapses for the first one decided to abstain from this one. The problem is altogether these are about 300GB which is way more than my monthly bandwidth limit allows, I've already downloaded the first 50GB and now my net's been brought back down to dialup speeds for that stunt.

But if a couple of you help split the job it will be easy.

Here's the deal: download as many as you choose, do SelectEvery(60,0) in avisynth, crop off that bullshit text on the right side of the video and reencode with x264 CRF10 and then upload somewhere like sendspace, filesize should be about 5MB for each of the downloaded 450MB.
No need to encode the sound. Announce in the thread which ones you downloaded so we don't duplicate effort.

Anyone interested?