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  1. Anyone know of software that can examine RCA AV in for problems?
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  2. "examine RCA AV in for problems" -- what do you mean by that?
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  3. Video is input into a capture card not viewed by human eyes but the video is examined for quality/loss and reported.
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  4. Originally Posted by jmanjohn View Post
    the video is examined for quality/loss and reported.
    Compared to what? Without a reference you can't tell if there are "losses".
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  5. My effort is to emulate a Windoz solution currently in place. There is no monitor, RCA inputs, notifications are sent out when a problem is detected (automagically) and a snippet/link is sent with the notification so that the reviewer can see the error. Maybe I am looking in the wrong forum.
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  6. Specifically, should video freeze or an audio loss event would trigger an alert and email with a link to a snippet. I would guess something VBI based as well as voltage (audio).
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  7. In short and in general it is possible to detect each and every loss of signal, all just you need need is to weave event of loss into a logger and trigger logger to send an email with all required specific details. If so, many other losses can be prevented.

    Welcome to our forum!
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  8. While addressing your main issue, forget to respond to your comment.
    Maybe I am looking in the wrong forum.
    In general, even though all the members are here is very helpful under normal circumstances, they are normally regarded as stupids.

    You should definitely try some other forums also which are normally considered to be doomed with genius and smart.

    As before,
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  9. ffmpeg is able to calculate PSNR - use capture input as source and picture (still) or video as a reference.

    Audio - perhaps something around spectrum analyzer - spectrogram function but all those are simple and need reference - for real world this can be not sufficient.
    To detect video you can check internal state of driver (presence for V and H sync) usually this kind of things are exposed trough driver.
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  10. Thanks to all the info!

    I figured ffmpeg alas I was seeking an app to do it all preventing me from building something. That said, I will get to work!

    Again, thanks!
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