Hopefully someone(s) can give some insight on how to proceed...

Our church is currently streaming services and recording them for later upload to facebook and burn to DVDs. We have a situation though. We have loaned a Sony HVR-HD1000U and that camera has broke. I don't know the exact specs of the current PC, but it is an i5 Intel CPU w/6GB and a 300GB HDD, firewire, USB 2.0... I believe they are using the Adobe Flash media encoder and are streaming to Justin.tv

I'm competent on PCs and hardware, but I have almost zero knowledge when it comes to the A/V side.

I guess my question(s) are...

- What would be a good replacement camcorder, the current budget is $800. The camcorder is currently in the back of the sanctuary, approx 80' from the pulpit mounted about 10' high.

- Is there a better setup besides what we are currently using? We don't necessarily care about 1080 filming, but we need the streaming capability with the ability to save for later uploading/distribution.

- Like I said, we are currently using Justin.tv, any thoughts on it? Anything better, easier? We have comcast business class, I'm thinking 30/10mbps.

Thanks for the input!