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  1. description
    Go to (sorry, it's a chinese website, but it doesn't matter.)
    there is a video in the middle of its front page. They cut this video into dozens of pieces. You can download this video, but you cannot play it. It is not encrypted. However, it has been altered, so common media players cannot recognize it. A player with decoder is downloaded before videos start to play.


    If you can, here are some requirement

    1.can play either flv or mp4 format videos
    2.can play large size videos (600M)
    3.can play on cell phone
    4.can place a logo on top-right corner of the screen to set domain control (video can only be played on assigned domains. Someone told me this can be achieved by setting IIS.)
    6.player can maximize to full screen both on computer and cell phone.

    give a quote and time estimate

    I have posted this as a job in
    You can contact me at

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  2. no problem with downloading and playing video

    low quality mp4

    high quality mp4
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