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  2. Originally Posted by owlmoon View Post
    i.e. Filters>Interlacing>Decomb Telecide gives a Strategy option (4 of them), 2 seem a bit misphrased somehow, 'no strategy' (which indicates it doesn't do anything, but it does, it does a basic deinterlace, so why not call it 'basic deinterlace')...
    Telecide isn't a deinterlacer, but a field matcher. One side effect is that the interlacing is removed, but it's not accomplished by deinterlacing (except for the frames being post-processed) and it shouldn't be used purely as a deinterlacer (like for pure video content). I guess 'no strategy' means just basic Telecide (without Decimate or any special Telecide parameters). As for your question about the choice of words, maybe it was created by people for whom English isn't their first language. Not sure as I don't use it.

    And if you're going to be fooling around with AviSynth filters, in my opinion you'd best learn some AviSynth.
    ...and '3:2 pulldown' (shouldn't this be called 'reverse 3:2 pulldown'?
    Maybe, or pulldown removal, or what it's usually called in video encoding circles, IVTC or InVerse TeleCine. Maybe people using those filters are expected to know what they do before using them. Not an unreasonable expectation, I don't think.
    Just some minor annoyances with its phrasing I picked up on, does anyone else agree?
    I suppose it's confusing to a newcomer. But if you're learning, I think you'd be better served learning AviSynth.
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