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  1. Had a question here for ages that wasn't answered, so I'm writing the question again, but decided to re-word it, in case it didn't come across properly. So here it is:-

    I have some Blu-Rays that need some editing done to the m2ts files. I want to remove (or hide) the first minute or so of each file without harming the Menus. Can this be done & what software will do it?
    Last edited by magnu; 1st Apr 2014 at 02:06. Reason: Question not answered, so decided to re-word it
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  2. Originally Posted by magnu View Post
    Had a question here for ages that wasn't answered...
    Probably 'cause almost everybody rips bluray to convert them to MKV; not too many care to edit and burn new discs. One way you could do it is to edit with a package that supports bluray authoring. Will the resulting menus be identical to the original? Probably not, but I suppose that depends on how much effort you put into it and whether your authoring package allows customized menus.
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