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    After a lot of trial and error I finally have a working home cloud solution without using my computer, or buying the WD my cloud.

    I have a powered two tb USB drive connected to my ouya. I have xbmc loaded on the ouya and its video folders are selected in ouya. I have bubbleupnp on my nexus 7 and I can view all my folders that are loaded on xbmc. I can play anything that's in those folders.

    My only downside is I can't set a shutdown timer on the ouya. Xbmc has a shutdown option but it only exits the program, doesn't turn off the ouya.

    I'm gonna keep looking online for a ouya shutdown program. I may even try to learn how to make one myself if I can't find one. Though I have virtually no programming experience.

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    Edit - looks like I may have to live with leaving my ouya and usb drive on overnight:

    any Android fanboy knows, shutdown and reboot are privileged Android functions. Only those apps signed with the same key as the firmware itself can issue those functions. Even having root is not enough.

    This is an older post so there may have been some updates in the xbmc community.

    Edit - I've posted a request for a timer program on the xbmc forum. Hopefully a solution will present itself and then I'll have a perfect cloud solution for my needs.
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