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  1. I bought an Amstron replacement battery for my HP Compaq 6510b and it takes three days to charge. Is this typical of new laptop batteries, such as ? Do off-brand batteries not work well with Dells? What should I do?
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    Charging Li-ion batteries is a critical operation; for safety, charging circuits inside a laughtop are designed optimally for the original battery that came with it. If it can't reliably detect what battery is attached and what charge condition it has, it will revert to trickle charge. If the off-brand battery has much higher capacity than the original, it may well also take much longer to fully charge.
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  3. did the battery come with a disk to flash the bios so it would see the battery properly. i replaced a laptop battery on a sony vaio and had to that before it would even try to charge the battery.
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