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    I've tried DVDFab, Imburn and Anydvd trying to copy the TV series "Vikings" first season.
    It's a brazilian bluray.

    AnyDVD version
    The AnyDVD box says
    Access to the online decryption database is required to decrypt the disc "Vikings Season 1 Disc 1"!
    Please verify that AnyDVD is able to access the internet!
    Check your anti-malware & firewall settings. AnyDVD uses the proxy settings from Internet Explorer, please check, if Internet Explorer is able to access Website.
    But it's already checked to use online database.
    I don't know what to do. Imgburn says the copy protection is AACS.

    DVDFab's always saying to update to the latest version of the program. That's pretty weird, 'cause I'm using the latest version..

    I appreciate any kind of help.

    Thank you!
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  2. Update Anydvd to latest beta (v7.4.4.3) and try again.
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    It could be one of several different things. The Brazilian BluRay may use different copy protection than the ones in North America. I don't know of this happening before with other discs, but there's no reason it couldn't be done. It would just take more time and money to manufacture that way, but it could be done. As an example, I am pretty sure that Battlestar Galactica (the recent TV show, not the original TV show) has different encodes for North America and Europe on at least some of the discs, with the European ones using H.264 exclusively and the American ones sometimes using VC-1 on the exact same material. If someone was willing to do two different encodes of Battlestar Galactica when that is completely unnecessary, then I can't rule out that maybe the company that made the BluRay of Vikings used different copy protection methods in Brazil than other places. Maybe it's region A has one kind of copy protection and region B has another just to make it difficult for rippers.

    Also, in my experience I have seen AnyDVD just refuse to decrypt a few BluRay discs (I live in North America) and even waiting for updates didn't ever solve the problem. DVDFab may be dead now, but it was updated more often than AnyDVD. You may have to go to an official AnyDVD forum and post there and perhaps someone who works for AnyDVD can help.
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  4. The message prompt seems mean to the necessary AACS keys are not available, have you try the MakeMKV?
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    if it's recent release, the developers probably don't have the discs in hand yet to break the protection.
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