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  1. Here's the link to the GCHD:

    My TV is here:

    Basically, what I want to do is record live TV shows, with the Game Capture, on my computer, but since the Game Capture HD only has HDMI for both Input/Output and possibility HDCP technology, I don't think I can. I was also thinking about buying a Mac and getting the Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt, but I can't buy either of them yet. Also, is it worth the time and effort to record TV shows in "Uncompressed" format, while the show(s) is being broadcast in HD? I know the shows on TV are already compressed, but I don't want to re-compress when outputting the recorded content for iPhone or DVD. Another thing, will the Mac Mini's stock HDD be able to record in "Uncompressed" format or will I need an SSD for storing/saving and/or editing?
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  2. You can record HDMI+HDCP using an HDCP stripper. You can get them for as little about US$20. There's a big thread here about HDMI strippers, with links to such devices at
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    If you want surround sound you'll have to get hauppauge hdpvr2 (either the plain 2 or the gaming edition plus 1504 model).

    Check out my thread I just finished:

    It'll work with the stripper jagobo mentioned and a hdpvr2. I'm sure it will too with a elgato but I wanted surround sound so I went with the hdpvr2 ge plus instead.

    Edit and so far its only surround sound via dolby digital ac3 and a fiber optic cable. I had read there was supposed to be an update to do ac3 over hdmi without the fiber optic cable. Either I didn't update properly or I'm not sure how to do that with my model because I can't seem to get the 5.1 over hdmi only 5.1 via fiber optic and only dolby digital.
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  4. Thanks for the replies, guys. But, I was thinking about going with a Mac Mini and the Blackmagic Design's Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt sometime in the future. My questions are as follows:

    1. Can the Mac Mini's stock HDD be fast enough to record TV shows broadcast in HD or will I need to upgrade to an SSD. The only drawbacks with an SSD are faster read/write speeds, but smaller capacity/storage space. The drawbacks with an HDD are slower read/write speeds (due to the Mini's using laptop HDD's) but larger capacity/storage space.

    2. Since the Intensity Shuttle is the only device that is able to record in "Uncompressed" format, is the picture quality going to be worth the storage space when compared to both the Happauge's and Elgato's H.264/MPEG-2 Hardware Encoders? Since the TV shows will be in broadcasted in HD and are already compressed in the H.264/MPEG-2 formats?

    I spoke with a Black Magic support person and they said I should record in a compressed format. The reason I want to go uncompressed is because I don't want to lose even more quality (re-compressing an already compressed file) when I want to convert the recorded TV shows for either my iPhone or DVD-Video.
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    These guys seem to have the 5.1 via HDMI figured out for the 1512.

    I think you have to install the new drivers, reboot your pc and at the same time pull the plug on the 1512 to reboot it.
    Then Change the HDMI AC3 setting in advanced settings.. (When using Hauppauge Capture)

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