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  1. Hi. When exporting DVD (saving) with DVDRemake Pro 3.6 it deletes all PGC PRE and POST commands and DVD ends up as dead big chunk of nothing. What the hell? The DVD video plays and works fine, tested on PGCEdit and and VobBlanker, I edit some video cells with DVDRemakePro and then save and get everything wrecked. I mean why would it even touch PGCs I didn't even edit with DVDRemakePro? Running on Windows 8 x64. Tried XP compatibility and Vista already, and running as Admin. And I already tested couple different DVDs, DVDRemakePro just ruins all of them when exporting.

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  2. Solved. I was using 3.6.1, had to update to 3.6.3
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    I was just going to say that... .

    But thanks for posting your solution. It might help others who search for dvdremake problems. Even though I don't think that many will use version 3.6.1. .
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