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  1. Hi,
    I have a Sony Camcorder SR47.
    All the recorded videos are stored in a flat directory.
    I re-arranged them in different folders based on the date of recording.
    Now none of the videos are shown in the "play" mode.
    Is there a way to re-index the video playlist, so that I can start viewing them from the camera itself?
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  2. You probably shouldn't have done that in the camera. Next time transfer the vids to your hard drive. Then you can move the videos around to your hearts content. Sony cameras seem to have some kind of indexing method within the camera so that if you screw with them the index gets corrupted and you are in big trouble. I know if I remove a video from the card from my Sony camera using my computer to do that then put the card back into the camera then the camera says it's still there but it really is gone. It's the silly indexing that Sony uses that didn't know I had deleted it.
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    Just because it can be connected to a Windows PC and the contents seen, transferred, and/or rearranged does not necessarily mean camcorder hard drives are like any other FAT32 or NTFS drive out there. These HDD have control data and other metadata that is created and used by them, unique to them, and not visible to an OS external to that in the camcorder's firmware. Manufacturers strongly discourage manipulating data in these hard drives because it may at best remove or corrupt indexing of the recorded videos and prevent playback from the camcorder itself; at worse the drive is bricked, can't even be seen by windoze anymore when connected via USB and needs to be sent for service. IIWU, I'd stop tinkering with the hard drive contents now, just transfer the videos to the PC (before even they can't be seen on the PC anymore), disconnect the camcorder from USB, initialize its hard drive through camcorder menu (re-establishing indexing), and moving on.
    BTW a sure way of bricking a camcorder hard drive is formatting it [while the camcorder is connected via USB] with windoze
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