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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get a movie onto Youtube, but I'm finding that no matter what I do it's still choppy, particularly during camera movement.

    Initial footage is from a video game at 120.0 fps. Premiere Pro project/sequence settings is 59.94 fps. I then encode 2 versions of the movie (one at 59.94 fps for file download and another at 29.97 fps for Youtube). I've tried uploading the 29.97 fps to Youtube, but it's constantly choppy. The weird thing is that windowed and full screen embedded video is almost smooth, but windowed and full screen on Youtube is choppy.

    I've got no clue what is causing this. It occurs regardless of x264 (through Avisynth and Megui) or WMV encoding formats. The video looks absolutely smooth before Youtube.

    Videos embedded:

    Videos on their own:

    I can provide a lot my technical info if needed. Your help would be much appreciated.
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  2. This is a well known problem though I haven't seen any definitive solution. I think it's some kind of miscommunication between adobe flash player and the graphics driver. On some computers the video plays smooth, on others not.
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  3. When I stream the Youtube video through VLC media player it's smooth. It seems the problem is related to the browser, flash or Youtube itself. Some people who have watched it find it smooth, others choppy. Is there something I can do to make sure everyone sees it smooth? A lot of work went into the video for it to be a poor watch for some.
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