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  1. My first post! Hello! Word of warning, I'm a huge newb.

    I come to you in search of help of course.

    I'm having trouble editing my videos without losing a huge amount of quality.

    I have been using Windows Movie Maker for the most part but only because I cant get premiere or vegas to recognize my video files and the only conversions programs I've used to convert it - WMM and AVC - reduce the quality so much it defeats the purpose for the most part since I do very little actual editing.

    No matter what I seem to do I always end up with blotchy low quality video after converting to a format that anything else accepts. Even when using WMM's highest settings the video comes out looking much worse. I dont understand!

    My question is basically - How can I convert my videos to a file type I can use with better editors than WMM without losing lots of quality?
    Information that might be relevant is below.

    Camcorder - Ordro HDV-V88 (its for nightvision) Could the problem be my camcorder?

    OS - Windows 7 Home Premium

    Video files come off the camera as .avi

    I'm a huge newb, sorry. If I didnt post all the necessary info please let me know!
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  2. Your avi might be possible to load into Vegas with ffdshow installed, .... some 5s video sample would be handy to try it ... , you can upload it here using videohelp
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    Here is a 10 second clip I have hosted. I tried install ffdshow but my vegas is still not having it.

    I'm on the 12.0 trial of Vegas, the latest trial as far as I know. Hope that helps.

    Thank you for taking your time to help me!
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  4. I would not download exe file, you can upload that video as is here on videohelp
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  5. _Al_ - you can uncheckmark the "use download manager", and push the download button, and it will download directly as an AVI

    Anyways, it's h.264 in AVI. You can probably re-wrap it with ffmpeg or some GUI like Tencoder to MP4 or MOV without quality loss to import into vegas/premiere or whatever program
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  6. Vegas loaded that video through ffdshow, so you install it and it might be alright to edit, but it needed to be interpreted as progressive, Vegas thinks it is interlace, so in that open window that you can see on picture, select Field Order - "none":
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vegas ffdshow.JPG
Views:	84
Size:	184.2 KB
ID:	24124

    one more thing, you have 64bit Vegas Pro 12, I guess, so you'd need 64bit ffdshow, ..., on that picture I have 32bit Vegas 8 and I have 32bit ffdshow,
    if you have 64bit Vegas installed, 32 bit ffdshow would not work in Vegas ...
    Last edited by _Al_; 15th Mar 2014 at 21:13.
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  7. Youre awesome! It worked! I did both of your tips, FFDSHOW 64 bit and the properties setting adjustment.

    Now my only problem is how to get more than a trial version!

    Thanks again, so much!
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