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  1. Hi there! Looking for some expert advice on this: How do I take the audio track from one video and add it to another video? And keep it as intact as possible in the process, ie no recoding. Two video files are not necessarily of the same format, and the required software and hardware are not an issue. Please just tell me how to do it.
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    Same running time? Use then a video multipexer like mkvtoolnix (making mkvs), mp4box (making mp4), tsmuxer (making a ts, m2ts), etc.

    If you want more detailed help must you provide more information about your video files.
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    I would have thought that with a moniker like yours you would already know how to do this:

    1. Demultiplex (aka demux) & extract the audio stream from its MM container to a raw stream
    2. Re-multiplex (aka remux) the audio stream into the 2nd video container

    Which apps to use depends mainly on the container.
    Example of container formats, and the app I might use:
    AVI - AVIMux-GUI
    MKV - MKVToolnix
    MP4 - YAMB or QuicktimePro
    MOV - QuicktimePro
    WMV - WM Stream Editor
    MPG - ImagoMpeg-Muxer or TMPGEnc

    ffmpeg can do a whole lot of these.

    As long as you are careful, there should be NO re-encoding.

    Can't help further until we get more info.

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