Hi all,

Basically my problem is I`m trying to make a video for YouTube, i`ve edited it and added effects to it in Sony Vegas. the raw clips are 59.94 fps and obviously YouTube doesn't allow that as it only offers streaming of 30fps. I added some synced black flashes to the clip and rendered it out, I forgot about YouTube re converting it to 30fps and the flashes just either don't appear due to frames being skipped or it just stays as a black screen and doesn't flash. Does anyone know a way around this and to make the flashes display on YouTube? If so id appreciate any feedback!

Here`s the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CldxHGbhoc&list=UUycNFDCQwYEX086fltxa1ZA ( the flashes in the video are synced with the music and you can probably notice yourself where they are supposed to be)