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  1. Is there a way of changing aspect ratio of subtitles beforehand, any tool that can do that? I've applied the subs filter in Virtualdub and successfully hardcoded (.srt) but they look all streched now in the video's original 16:9 DAR. Thanks

    Ok, I have found this:

    That sounds nice in theory. If there's nothing else, I'll try it, hope it works.
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  2. Originally Posted by kodec View Post
    Is there a way of changing aspect ratio of subtitles beforehand, any tool that can do that?
    Font rasterizer should be aware of the display aspect ratio - if rasterizer not supporting anything over 1:1 pixel aspect ratio then video can be resampled to 1:1 then, subtitle applied then video restored to anamorphic ratio back.

    see also some tricks

    Also some trick with rendering subtitle as separate layer in 1:1 then resize down to anamorphic (and combine with video) should work nicely, especially with mask and alpha channel to simulate antialiasing (but probably Avisynth need to be used)
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  3. Thanks. If nothing helps, I've also found a narrow type of the font I want to hardcode. When streched in DAR 16:9 it looks just natural.
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  4. Yeah, it just didn't work, that other solution with aegi, the subs look awful. Dunno if I was doing it right but it seems really complicated and using the narrow font looks just fine in the final product anyway.
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  5. I've made some tests with ffdshow subtitle filter and obviously aspect ratio can be set thus ffdshow can be used under virtualdub as a subtitle filter - i saw only few issues (for example with underlying background scaling but probably no one use this function thus seem not relevant).
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