My Panasonic DMP-BDT210 just developed a strange problem, after working flawlessly for almost three years.

It can no longer stream videos from my PC using the DLNA feature, although I can still use it to view photos or play music from my Win 7 desktop PC.

Here's the process I've always used:
1) Starting from the Home menu, select Network.
2) Select Home Network.
3) Select DLNA Client.
4) Select my PC.
5) At this point, if I select Photos or Music, everything works fine.
But if I select Video, I get a message "Could not connect to server.
Please verify network connection and setting".

Obviously, I am already connected to the server, or I wouldn't have gotten that far. But I have gone to Network Settings and run the test, and everything passes.

I have also tried doing the true factory reset (by pressing & holding OK, Blue & Yellow on the remote), but that didn't help.

So I tried doing the same thing on my Win 7 laptop, and got slightly different results. When I select Videos, I don't get the message about not connecting to the server. I am able to see the list of videos, but when I try to play one, I just get a black screen.

Do you think this is an issue with the Panasonic? Or has some setting changed in my PC(s)?

Thanks for your time.